1999 National

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The Bullmastiff Club of Victoria Inc. was proud to be the host of the Inaugural Australian National Bullmastiff Specialty.

Judge - Ms Virginia Rowland (USA)

Before I begin my critique I would like to congratulate Andrew Burt and the members of the Bullmastiff Club of Victoria on the absolutely fabulous, professional job they did in putting on the first National Bullmastiff Specialty in Australia. The opening presentation, the unbelievable trophies, the show ring and beautiful decorated award platform were all first rate. It will be a hard act to follow. I cannot adequately express my appreciation for everything that was done to make my trip and assignment so thoroughly enjoyable. There are so many people in the Club that deserve my sincere thanks that I would prefer not to try and list them all rather than risk leaving someone out. But I would like to say what a special treat it was to meet Jack Russell and his wife, Joy Stevenson and some of the other old timers who did so much to make this possible .

I would also like to thank Ron Spicer, the steward, and Denise Knight the assembly steward, and Bonnie Spicer the ticket writer as well as V.C.A. Rep. Jane Harvey who was a great help answering my questions about judging and ring procedure in Australia. And a special thank you to the people who hosted me while I was in Australia, Paul and Gabrielle Simmonds, Jessamy and John Morrissey, and Barbara, Peter and Cheryl Anne Wright.

It was a tremendous thrill first of all to have such a large entry. It made my day truly challenging and exciting. The quality of the dogs on the whole was excellent. In some classes there were so many nice dogs that even with six placements to assign I could not reward all the deserving dogs. I found the dogs in Australia had a slightly different look than what I am used to seeing in the States. This is probably because there are much closer ties genetically to Britain than North America. I am definitely not used to seeing such a preponderance of two toned fawn dogs. This is a cosmetic issue which breeders should be aware of since the standard calls for a clear coat There were also a LOT of dogs with orange eyes. I think this is a more serious issue that breeders should try to address. Thinking of the Bullmastiff working origins, a dog with orange eyes would be much easier to see at night than a dog with dark eyes. I also saw some dogs with wry bites - this is a problem I also see judging in the US. Wry bites are not correct, they are genetic in origin and though such a bite wouldn't interfere with the dog's working function or ability to eat, in my opinion, breeders should not use dogs with wry bites in any breeding program. On the whole, I should stress that the bites were much better than I am used to seeing in the US. There were some undershot bites, but the majority of dogs had really nice bites.

I was also really impressed on how good the handling was, I assume all the dogs were either breeder or owner handler. Most of the dogs were well presented and in good condition. There were a few dogs with exceptionally dry coats which I am not used to seeing, but on the whole the dogs were clean, correct weight, and I was aware of no dogs with a questionable temperaments and appreciated the fact that if some of the males may not get along with other dogs of the same sex, this never was an issue in or outside the ring. With one possible exception I feel it inappropriate to go into, the level of sportsmanship was very good.

Baby Puppy Dog

(11 entries)

1st: Marshall’s - Boadicea Battle Of Britain

Fawn puppy, with a beautiful head and pigmentation, nice top line, and rear angulation, lovely feet and bone.

2nd: Brownlee’s - Bulwaren Might & Power

Brindle male, also a very nicely balanced dog with a very pretty head and expression, could have a slightly darker eye.

3rd: Stivey’s - Bulwaren Golden Choker

Red fawn male, I really liked this boy as well, he was very hard to evaluate because it was obvious he wasn't used to being on a leash, using his ears correctly, putting his four feet down at one time. On another day he might have won the class. He had a beautiful head and bone.

4th: Cannon’s - Kangala Ziggy

5th: Nunn’s - Bearabull Hudsons Halo

6th: Lynch’s - Bulltiful Bad Boys Toy


Baby Puppy Bitch

(8 entries, 1 absent)

1st: Cherney’s - Steelmaz Ruby

A lovely red fawn bitch, beautiful bone and head, nicely balanced and put together. Very nice mover for such a young lady. On the day she was clearly the most correct, Iwill be interested to see how she matures,

2nd: Marion’s - Treebrook Sugar Gum

A larger red fawn bitch, really pretty head, a little high in the rear (which may be more typical of a puppy in this age group). She should mature into a lovely bitch as well. Poor bite.

3rd: Sellars’ - Bulwaren Brindabella

Brindle bitch, also very nice, a little longer bodied than the second place bitch and like second place bitch a little high in the rear. She had a beautiful head and rich coloring and pigmentation.

4th: Nunn’s - Bearabull Haleys Ace

5th: Faint’s - Trammel Achtung Baby

6th: Duncan & Marley’s - Bullmarvel British Babe


Minor Puppy Dog

(3 entries)

1st: Grimshaw's - Cambalup Macarthur

Good bite, lovely head and dark mask and ears, nice bone. He was the most balanced dog in the class.

2nd: Sparham's - Gameguard Egan

Was longer backed than the first place dog and a little plainer in head and expression.

3rd: Campbell's - Powerstorm Porter

Lovely dark eyes, somewhat Mastiff like in head type, was straighter front and rear than the two ahead of him and at this time is somewhat higher in the rear.

Minor Puppy Bitch

(8 entries, 1 absent)

This was a difficult class to judge as the first three placements - all light fawns with a lot of even lighter toning - had some beautiful qualities but also displayed some of the 'ugly' qualities that one expects puppies this age to have.

1st: Harrison’s - Powerbulmas Zanelle

Had a beautiful head and expression with a very nice dark mask. She needs more rear angulation. She is high in the rear on this day but should level out as she matures.

2nd: Campbell’s - Powerstorm Estria Grande

Longer in the loin than the first place bitch and high in the rear, had a pretty face and expression.

3rd: Devenish’s - Gameguard Donata

Also high in the rear, short upper arm, and lighter colored ears had beautiful dark mask and nice expression. She didn't have quite the bone as the two bitches who placed in front of her.

4th: Edwards’ - Gameguard Snap Dragon

5th: Flugge’s - Bullbookal Paku

6th: Flugge’s - Bullbookal Pounamu


Puppy Dog

(8 entries, 1 absent)

1st: Spice’s - Bullvalour Braveheart

Red fawn male, most balanced and correct in the class. Beautiful head, dark mask and ears. His coat could have been in better condition - could be he was blowing his puppy coat - and he could use a darker eye.

2nd: Yorath’s - Nightbringer Adversary

Another fawn male with a very pretty head, dark mask and ears. This was his first time being shown. He had better bone than the first place dog but was straighter front and rear than the first place dog.

 3rd: Pearce’s - Kimbullad Divine Justice

A two tone red fawn, beautiful head and bone. Higher in the rear than the two dogs ahead of him in the class. Nice dark eyes and expression.

4th: Roth’s - Nightbringer Custodian

5th: Lloyd’s - Nightbringer Polo Prince

6th: Duncan & Marley’s - Bullmarvel Aristotle

Puppy Bitch

(10 entries, 1 absent)

This class was not as strong as some of the earlier classes

1st: Spice’s - Bullvalour Wicked Woman

A very pretty light red fawn bitch who I later learned was a litter mate to the first place puppy dog. She had very nice head and expression, and the nicest pigment. She is a little high in the rear but this should level out with maturity.

2nd: Beard’s - Bullvalour Mighty Midge

A two toned fawn, somewhat out of condition, she had a nicer head and expression than the first place but not quite as well put together as the bitch in front of her and not as sound a mover.

3rd: Duncan & Marley’s - Bullmarvel Aphrodite

A fawn bitch, nice dark mask and ears, head not quite as blocky as the two in front of her. This bitch has beautiful bone. She also was a little high in the rear, a point she shared with most of the bitches in the class, which is obviously associated with their age.

4th: Lofthouse’s - Bullvalour Mi Belle Ame

5th: Skinner’s - Beheamoth Lady Kiara

6th: Taylor’s - Hobkell Ashbrook


 Junior Dog

(19 entries, 7 absent)

There were a lot of quality dogs in this class which bodes well for the future of the breed.

1st: Marion’s - Treebrook River Oak (Award of Excellence)

Is an absolutely beautiful clear fawn dog, magnificent head piece, dark eyes, correct, balanced body, beautiful bite. Of all the dogs I judged he is the one I would have most liked to have taken home with me. I think with time he should mature into a really outstanding dog and excel in the ring and as a sire.

2nd: Shaw’s - Boadicea Iron Duke (Award of Excellence)

A two tone fawn with a pretty head and expression, nice dark mask and ears, a little straighter front and rear than the first place dog.

3rd: Taylor’s - Lilacglen Dark Cosmos (Award of Excellence)

A dark brindle with a beautiful head and rich colouring. Somewhat straight front and rear. Nice feet. He was a lovely dog but the heat at the time he was being shown really handicapped him .


4th: Ryan’s Treebrook Forest Oak (Award of Excellence)

5th: Marion’s - Bramarley Brook Trees (Imp UK)

6th: Bullmaster Knls’ Bullmaster Mdnite Special


Junior Bitch

(9 entries)

The quality in this class was not as high as it was in the junior dog class.

1st: Bullmaster Knls’ - Bullmaster Black Magic (Award of Excellence)

A fawn brindle, she had a pleasing head and expression, would prefer a darker eye. Could use more angulation front and rear and more bone.

2nd: McLean’s - Boadicea Iron Maiden (Award of Excellence)

A two tone fawn. She had a pretty head but is high in rear and out in the front. Somewhat out of condition.

3rd: Abela’s - Aust. CH Powerbulmas Skye (Award of Excellence)

Another two toned fawn. Could use a stronger head. Her dark mask and ears compensates for this somewhat. She is straight in the shoulders and a little high in the rear and a little over angulated.

4th: Lewison’s - Karabul Midnite Silver

5th: Magurren’s - Badboyz Amanda Hugnkiss

6th: Alexander’s - Nightmaster Fireball


Intermediate Dog

(23 entries, 5 absent)

1st: Cherney’s - Aust.CH Steelmaz Young Gun (Award of Excellence)

A really handsome fawn male. Beautiful head, nice level top line, correct angulation front and rear, exceptional bone.

2nd: Bullmaster Knls’ - Aust. CH Bullmaster Storm Trooper (Award of Excellence)

A correctly colored red male, not quite as good a top line as the first place dog, nice dark mask and ears, a little hard to evaluate his expression - he almost seemed like he could sleep on his feet, his eyes were so deep set. He could use a darker eye. Shorter backed than the first place dog in this class and did not have the same ring presence.

3rd: Taylor’s - Clayervons Marsellaise (Award of Excellence)

Two toned fawn male, a lovely dog with a beautiful head and dark mask and ears. Straighter front and rear than the two in front of him.


4th: Abela’s - Aust. CH Pryderi Glyndwyr (Imp UK) (Award of Excellence)

5th: Clark’s - Bullspirit Heartbreaker

6th: Abela’s - Powerbulmas Prydenjoy


Intermediate Bitch

(21 entries, 3 absent)

This was an interesting class to judge, the bitch I placed first was much taller and more substantial than the other bitches in the class.

1st: Bulwaren Knls’ - Aust. CH Centaur Woomerah Dame (Award of Excellence)

An absolutely gorgeous head, beautiful black mask and ears, dark eyes, clear coat, really nice bone. She is a very nicely balanced bitch, just a tad long in the hocks, but one I would be very happy to own (the first thing I would do would be to put her on a diet.)

2nd: Sparham’s - Gameguard Abrosia (IID) (Award of Excellence)

A very nice fawn, beautiful head pigment, not as big and mature looking as the first place bitch.

3rd: Spice’s - Regallion Black Opal (Award of Excellence)

A lovely red fawn, with a really pretty head, expression, dark mask and ears. Equal in bone and substance to second place bitch but she has a lower tail set.

4th: Moore‘s - Lilacglen Adeline (Award of Excellence)

(Fourth place bitch would have placed higher if she hadn't had a wry bite.)

5th: Duncan & Marley’s - Aust. CH Kervilees Miss Charmer (Award of Excellence)

6th: Cannon’s - Aust. CH Kangala Hana of Oldwell (Award of Excellence)


Australian Bred Dog

(15 entries)

1st: Sparham‘s - Gameguard Bruelle (Award of Excellence)

A lovely fawn male, beautiful head, dark mask and ears. Very nice bone, substance, and level top line. Coat could have been in better condition.

2nd: Abela’s Aust. - CH Powerbulmas Pezaz Obargo (Award of Excellence)

A very handsome red brindle, really nice black and black ears. He didn't have quite the bone of the first place dog. The ear on his show side had a tendency to fold and fly which was enough of a distraction/concern to make me place him second. He has some lovely qualities and should be a valuable asset to anyone's breeding program.

3rd: Pearce’s Aust. CH Kimbullad the Regarder (Award of Excellence)

Red fawn dog, large expressive head. Beautiful top line. Tremendous bone and substance. More white on the chest than is desirable (in a perfect world).

4th: Pearson’s - Aust. CH Kennilcrest High Calibre (Award of Excellence)

5th: Jones & Mullaney’s - Karabul King Midas

6th: White’s - Aust. CH Kenback Genghis Khan (Award of Excellence)


Australian Bred Bitch

(14 entries, 2 absent)

1st: Bulwaren Knls’ Aust. CH Bulwaren Silver Fox (Award of Excellence)

Light fawn that had some beautiful qualities, a really nice head and expression, lovely bone and balance. I was concerned that her coat condition was so dry, possibly caused by allergies, but other than her coat she was the star of the class.

2nd: Sellars’ - Aust. CH Oldworld Shady Ladyhawke (Award of Excellence)

A two toned fawn with a really beautiful head and expression. Higher in the rear and straighter in the front than I'd like but otherwise a really quality animal.

3rd: Pearson’s - Aust. CH Kennilcrest Miss Liberty (Award of Excellence)

A rich red brindle very nice head, somewhat longer backed than the two bitches in front of her.

4th: Cannon’s - Aust. CH Kangala Amber of Oldwell (Aus) (Award of Excellence)

5th: Doidge’s - Kervilees Georgie Girl (Award of Excellence)

6th: Bulltzar Knls’ - Irabinna Sara


Open Dog

(12 entries, 2 absent)

1st: Bulwaren Knls‘ - Bultusker the Phantom (Award of Excellence)

A really handsome mature male, beautiful head and expression, really nice proportion of short muzzle to back skull. Beautiful pigment and clear fawn coloring. Really nicely balanced body, correctly angulated front and rear, beautiful moving. Only thing I would like to like in this dog is a darker eye.

2nd: Gooding’s - Aust. CH Treebrook Raywood (Award of Excellence)

A really handsome fawn, with a beautiful head and expression. He was not quite as mature as the first place dog, like him, he had orange eyes. But overall he had really nice balance, ring presence, and is a very handsome animal.

For third, I was torn between the dog I ended up placing third and the fourth place dog.

3rd: Magurren’s - Bultusker Guardiano (Award of Excellence)

A clear red with a handsome head. His front movement is loose and he almost has too much bone and substance for a Bullmastiff. I would bet that he is over the standard weightwise. The red dog that ended up with the fourth placement I think had more correct bone and substance and a very nice head, he just had surgery and a lot of hair was shaved from his rib cage.


4th: Dawson’s - Aust. CH Kangala Johann O Oldwell (Award of Excellence)

5th: Cattell’s - Aust. CH Kervilees Sir Benjamin (Award of Excellence)

6th: Cannon’s - Aust. CH Kangala Isaac of Oldwell (Award of Excellence)


Open Bitch

(12 entries, 4 absent)

1st: Kingsestate Knls’ - Lilacglen Red Velvet (Award of Excellence)

A very pretty red fawn, really nice blocky head, nice dark eyes. She has a nice top line; if anything she needs a little more size and substance which might come with age.

2nd: Sellars’ - Aust. CH Oldworld Shady Lady (Award of Excellence)

Two toned fawn, more substance and bone than the first place bitch but not quite as nicely balanced and fit as the first place girl. This bitch also had a lovely head and expression but needs a darker eye.

3rd: Bullmaster Knls’ - Aust. CH Bullmaster Sweet Success (Award of Excellence)

Nice square fawn girl with a beautiful head and expression and lovely bone, not quite as strong a top line as the two in front of her. I think there were other places she'd rather be than the show ring, she sort of died at the end but she is definitely the type and style bitch I'd be happy to own.

4th: Pearce’s - Aust. CH Masbul Lady Graebull (Award of Excellence)

5th: Cannon’s - Aust. CH Kangala Johanna O Oldwell

6th: Mullen’s - Aust. CH Spiriteon Rose



Challenge Dog: Bulwaren Kennels'Bultusker The Phantom

Reserve Challenge: Marion'sTreebrook River Oak


Challenge Bitch: Bulwaren Knls’ Aust. CH Centaur Woomerah Dame

Reserve Challenge Bitch: Kingsestate Knls’Lilacglen Red Velvet


Best Exhibit In Show: Bulwaren Kennels' Bultusker The Phantom

Runner Up To Best Exhibit In Show: Marion's Treebrook River Oak


Baby Puppy In Show: Cherney's Steelmaz Ruby

Minor Puppy In Show: Grimshaw's Cambalup Macarthur

Puppy In Show: Spice's Bullvalour Braveheart

Junior In Show: Marion's Treebrook River Oak

Intermediate In Show: Cherney's Aust. CH Steelmaz Young Gun

Aust. Bred In Show: Sparham's Gameguard Bruelle

Open In Show: Bulwaren Kennels' Bultusker The Phantom


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