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Judge Mr W Warren (UK)


 Baby Puppy Dog

1st: Litton's - Nightpower Special Edition

Nice head with dark eye, moved okay, promising youngster.

2nd: Ellis' - Nightpower Special FX

Very similar to 1 although a little straighter in stifle and not as tall.

3rd: Hibben's - Bullromi Hurricane

4th: Bullmaster Kennels' - Bullmaster Mdnite Warrior


Minor Puppy Dog

1st: Hill-Murray & Sykes' - Blakrouge Silent Thunder

Well up to size youngster. Broad skull throughout muzzle with good dentition. Level topline, slightly narrow in front at present.


Puppy Dog

1st: Sparham & Zola's - Gameguard Intrepid (IID)

Excellent head and expression with dark eye. Good straight front with well angulated hindquarter though very loose in movement at present.

2nd: Barber's - Trammel Bono Vox

Beautiful Red! Very pleasing head and expression, just enough pigmentation. Well up to size. Would prefer more parallel front and more rear angulation. Front should improve as chest broadens. Has promise.

3rd: Williams' - Soloshel Roccabilly

Another good-sized pup, slightly wedge shaped head, level topline with well angulated rear. Moved okay.

4th: Smith's - Gaboeve O Billy Jack


Junior Dog

1st: Morrissey's - Bulltiful Why Didn't You Call

Broad skull with good mouth and well defined stop. Moved well with adequate angulation front and rear. Would have liked a broader muzzle.

2nd: Hurst's - Bullvalour Shot O Glory

Well pigmented but head a little too wedge shaped. Nice front with reasonable bone and level topline. Moved okay.

3rd: White's - Bulltiful Its Your Call

Nice head with broad skull. Well muscled with good topline. Moved close behind.

4th: Marley-Duncan's Bullmarvel Sir Zolton


Intermediate Dog

1st: Brownlee's - Bulwaren Might And Power

Excellent brindle with broad skull and correct pigmentation for colour. Broad chest with real depth of brisket. Short backed with powerful rear. Moved with drive. Would like him to bemore outgoing in the ring. Impressive dog. Reserve challenge.

2nd: Lofthouse & Spice's - Bullvalour Jack's Pryde

Good sized with level topline and good angulation. Moved okay though slightly close at rear. Would prefer more substance.

3rd: Cannon's - Aust. CH Kangala Ziggy

Broad skull but would prefer more padding on cheeks. Plenty of substance but not as good in topline as 1 and 2. Rear angulation okay.

4th: Spice's - Bullvalour Braveheart


Australian Bred Dog

(9 entries)

1st: Bullmaster Kennels' - Aust. CH Bullmaster Storm Trooper

Broad compact dog. Straight front with excellent topline. Well-set tail, short backed. Would prefer more drive on the move.

2nd: Morrissey's - Bulltiful Call To Order

Tall, well pigmented dog. Broad skull with nice expression. Good reach of neck. Didn't show himself to his advantage on the day.

3rd: Sparham's - Aust. CH Gameguard Arion (IID)

Well-muscled dog with deep chest. Good rear angulation, slightly longer in back, moved well. Head is slightly weak and small in proportion to his body.

4th: Edward's - Aust. CH Nightquest Brave Apollo


Open Dog

1st: Sparham's - Aust. CH Gameguard Bruelle

Delightful head and expression with dark eye and well set ears. Deep chest with good spring of rib. Well boned with strong well-angulated hindquarters. An imposing dog who caught my eye. His sloping pasterns are his only downfall! Challenge.

2nd: William's - Aust. CH Soloshel Mr Bad Guy

A well-balanced and classy dog. Pleasing strong head and firm topline. Well-muscled rear quarters, moved well. Lacked the bone and substance of 1.

3rd: Marion's - Aust. CH Bramarley Brook Trees (Imp. UK)

Broad short backed dog. Well let down chest. Nicely proportioned head with good pigmentation. Movement lacked drive.

4th: Sellars' - Aust. CH Oldworld Sampson


Challenge Dog: Sparham'sAust. CH Gameguard Bruelle

Reserve Challenge: Brownlee'sBulwaren Might And Power


Baby Puppy Bitch

1st: Bullmaster Kennels' - Nightpower Special Rquest

Very pleasing puppy with feminine head and good expression. Well-balanced body. Moved well. Shows a lot of promise.

2nd: Litton's - Nightpower Xtra Special

After studying the catalogue I found that 1st and 2nd in both baby dog and bitch are littermates. This has proved to be a very good match. All were very even.

3rd: Cannon's - Kangala My Obsession

Well boned, but very immature.

4th: Cannon's - Kangala Opium Ov Olwell


Minor Puppy Bitch

1st: Freeling & Greenway's - Basteel Tawnee

Nice head, well pigmented. Excellent bone, level topline, slightly long in back. Front needs work at present, should improve with age and maturity.

2nd: Lewison's - Blakrouge Pagan Belle

Nice moving bitch with well-proportioned head, lacks confidence in the ring at present.


Puppy Bitch

1st: Sellars' - Oldworld Shady Lady Dior

Very pretty bitch with pleasing head. Strong hindquarters giving powerful rear action. Good straight broad front, very light in colour with just enough pigment.

2nd: Edwards' - Nightquest Lets Elope

Broad skull, short backed, well boned. A little too much pigment.

3rd: Sparham's - Gameguard I Mrs Mineva

Nice head and front, excellent four square body with nice turn of stifle. Very out of coat at present.

4th: Smith's - Gaboeve Spice Girl


Junior Bitch

1st: Reid's - Bulltiful Call My Bluff

Good sized bitch with broad skull and nice expression. Lacking in chest at present. Slightly longer in back which gives her room to move out well.

2nd: Cooper's - Lilacglen That Dream

Well-pigmented red. Excellent bite but would prefer stronger under jaw. Preferred size of 1.

3rd: Marley-Duncan's - Bullmarvel Lady Zelda

Good head, dark eye. Well-sprung ribs. Out of coat and didn't move well on the day.

4th: McLeod's - Burgowood Mi Lady Of Skye


Intermediate Bitch

1st: Morrissey's - Bulltiful Bad For Good

Excellent brindle bitch. Well=proportioned head with deep stop and dark eye. Good size, straight front, well angulated rear. Very eye catching and feminine but would prefer a more outgoing temperament. Reserve challenge.

2nd: Hosey's - Soloshel Midnite Belle

Another really good bitch. Strong head with short muzzle. Broad front, deep set chest, muscular body.

3rd: Cannon's - Aust. CH Kangala Bobby Dazzler

Very broad, nice head and expression. Strong hindquarters. Saddle back spoils look.

4th: Cardier's - Eugah Akarda Tady Uka


Australian Bred Bitch

1st: Morrissey's - Bulltiful Curtain Call

Tall, classy deep coloured bitch. Good straight front. Level topline. ell angulated hindquarters. Moved well. Still immature but should become a top honours bitch. Felt that she could have shown better in different surroundings.

2nd: Williams' - Aust. CH Soloshel Midnite Stella

Very strong, muscular bitch. Excellent substance with broad head and muzzle. Would prefer better-spaced eyes. Would not move today.

3rd: Sparham's - Aust. CH Gameguard Ambrosia (IID)

Large square skull, muzzle not as broad. Good bone. Slightly longer in back. Moved okay.

4th: Sellars' - Oldworld Shady Lady Kiama


Open Bitch

1st: Cannon's - Aust. CH Kangala Hana Of Oldwell

Really stunning bitch, which caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Very imposing and moved with real drive. Deep chest and broad straight front. Level topline with excellent spring of rib. Powerful hindquarters with well-muscled second thigh. Nice feminine head with just enough wrinkle when interested. Delighted to award her the Challenge and Best In Show.

2nd: Edwards' - Gameguard Brianna

Good head with nice expression. Good straight front but not the substance and power of 1. Low set tail. Moved okay.

3rd: Lewison's - Aust. CH Karabul Pirates Gem

Well-pigmented, nice front. Good bone and well angulated. Would have preferred a broader head.

4th: Litton's - Aust. CH Grasslock Memory Lane (AI)


Challenge Bitch: Cannon'sAust. CH Kangala Hana Of Oldwell

Reserve Challenge Bitch: Morrissey'sBulltiful Bad For Good


Best Exhibit In Show: Cannon'sAust. CH Kangala Hana Of Oldwell

Runner Up To Best Exhibit In Show: Sparham'sAust. CH Gameguard Bruelle


Baby Puppy In Show: Bullmaster Kennels' Nightpower Special Rquest

Minor Puppy In Show: Freeling & Greenway's Basteel Tawnee

Puppy In Show: Sparham & Zola's Gameguard Intrepid (IID)

Junior In Show: Morrissey's Bulltiful Why Didn't You Call

Intermediate In Show: Morrissey's Bulltiful Bad For Good

Aust. Bred In Show: Morrissey's Bulltiful Curtain Call

Open In Show: Cannon's Aust. CH Kangala Hana Of Oldwell



2001 PROPERTY CLASSES - Judge Mr D Johnson

Puppy Sweepstakes

1st: Sparham & Zola's - Gameguard Intrepid (IID)

2nd: Edwards' - Nightquest Lets Elope

3rd: Sellars' - Oldworld Shady Lady Dior

4th: Barber's - Trammel Bono Vox


Best Head

Lofthouse & Spice's Bullvalour Jacks Pryde


Best Brindle

Brownlee's - Bulwaren Might And Power


Best Fawn

Hosey's Soloshel Midnite Belle


Best Red

Bullmaster Kennels' - Aust. CH Bullmaster Storm Trooper


Best Owner Bred & Handled

Williams' - Aust. CH Soloshel Mr Bad Guy


Best Interstate Owned Exhibit

Hosey's - Soloshel Midnite Belle


Best Dam & Progeny

Litton's - Aust. CH Grasslock Memory Lane (AI)


Best Sire & Progeny

Bullmaster Kennels' - Aust. CH Bullmaster Mdnite Special


Best Movement

Morrissey's - Bulltiful Call To Order


2001 Breeders Cup

Oldworld Kennels - South Australia


Veterans' Parade

Bulwaren Kennels' - Aust. CH Bulwaren Silver Fox

Bullmaster Kennels' - Aust. CH Bullmaster Sweet Success

Lofthouse's - Bulwaren Queen O Hearts



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