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Judge - Mrs Stephanie Rickard (Vic)


I was indeed honoured to be invited to judge this Championship Show and thank President, Mr Kevin Collecutt and his Committee for the invitation. It was certainly a great experience and together with the most efficient stewarding of Denise Knight and Tanya Kirkland and the excellent sportsmanship of the exhibitors, the day could not have been better. I was very pleased with the overall quality of most of the dogs; the temperament was excellent as was the conditioning. Most were well muscled without being cumbersome.

I was looking for an athletic dog with a powerful build, exhibiting strength. The Bullmastiff is considered a ‘head breed’ therefore this requisite played a large part in my decision making. However, the dogs had to be sound. I imagine it is not easy to grow a dog such as this into a beautifully sound adult and the breeders and exhibitors are to be congratulated. I must say it was not an easy task to find all requirements in one dog and that brought compromise judging into play.

Best Exhibit in Show brought together two lovely exhibits, the dog, Ch Bullavour Jack the Ripa and the bitch Ch Bulltiful Curtain Call. The dog displayed wonderful proportions, was very sound and his movement certainly demonstrated power and a sense of purpose. I would have preferred a little more work in his head. The bitch also had great proportions and although she did not cover the ground quite as well as the dog, I preferred her headpiece and so I was delighted to award her Best Exhibit In Show and the dog Runner-up.

Baby In Show was awarded to a classy male called “Anmenta Zulu Prince”. He was by Ch Blackslate’s Boston Blend Imp USA, the sire of Best In Show. Minor In Show was a one and only, ‘Kugel my Bulltiful Cargo Imp NZ”. She was not happy to be in the ring, however, by the end of the day, we could see much improvement. Puppy In Show presented difficulties. The dog, “Bullvalour Southerncross” won the Reserve CC, had a very good headpiece and moved soundly with an impressive side gait. He just needs to drop into his quarters and to deepen in chest. The bitch, his litter sister, Bullvalour Avoca Rose” was in the final three for the challenge and on the day presented a more finished package so I was delighted to make her Puppy In Show. Junior In Show was the bitch, Ch Nightpower Special Rquest. A bitch of very good breed type, would have liked her wider through the front. Intermediate In Show, Ch Bulltiful Why Didn’t You Call. (litter brother to BIS). A quality dog with excellent movement and very good head. Just over the top in size for me. Aust. Bred was BIS and Open was Reserve In Show.

I would like to congratulate the Committee on the excellent trophy table and warm hospitality and wish them every success in the future.


Baby Puppy Dog

1st: Smith's - Anmenta Zulu Prince

16 week old puppy, well balanced for his age. Head needs to develop, however, well developed skull, short muzzle, lovely dark eye. Well shaped forequarters with boning down to the feet, good breadth of chest, short loin, and well developed hindquarters, moved soundly. Best Baby Puppy In Show.

2nd: Smith's - Anmenta Zulu Warrior

Similar type to one, preferred his head in that there is more work in the muzzle for his age. Good skull and ear placement. Good topline and hindquarters. Preferred the overall balance of one on the day.

3rd: Spice's - Bullvalour Coltran Craker

Lovely head and expression with plenty of work through the muzzle and skull. Strong body of very good proportions. Sound hindquarters. Unfortunately he was badly down on his pasterns on the day.


Puppy Dog

1st: Raftis' - Bullvalour Sotherncross

Upstanding puppy with a pleasing head although it needs a little more work at this stage. Lovely dark eye. Front a little narrow with a slight weakness through the pasterns. Good length of neck and strong body, very good topline and tail set. Strong hindquarter, which he used to advantage on the move. Reserve CC.


Junior Dog

1st: Ellis' - Aust. CH Nightpower Special FX

Up to size, well proportioned with a pleasing head. Front narrow and shoulder slightly upright. Good boning and feet. Strong neck and deep chest. Good topline. Rear movement sound but stilted in front. Won the class on his superior breed type.

2nd: Litton's - Nightpower Special Edition

Litter brother to the above. A much heavier type, again the front slightly narrow and upright. Strong head and powerful body. Preferred the head and hindquarter on No 1.

3rd: Edward's - Dayquest Maximus

Pleasing youngster, less mature than the two in front. Pleasing head but would prefer his eyes a little wider apart. Strong neck and good depth of chest. Well boned with good feet.


 Intermediate Dog

1st: Morrissey's - Aust. CH Bulltiful Why Didn't You Call

A striking dog, compact and powerful with excellent bone and feet. Lovely head and expression, strong neck, good topline with powerful loin and hindquarters. Moved really well. Very sound. Taller than I prefer. Best Intermediate In Show.

2nd: Sykes' & Hill-Murray's - Blakrouge Silent Thunder

Broad and deep chest with excellent prosternum. Good topline and well shaped hindquarters. Good bone although front feet turn out slightly. Preferred the headpiece and movement of No 1.

3rd: Jones' - Bullchandon Calypso

A pleasing head and good neck and whilst the chest had depth, it lacked the required width causing the feet to turn out. Firm topline with very good tail set. Ground covering side gait.


Australian Bred Dog

1st: Bullmaster Kennels' - Aust. CH Bullmaster Storm Trooper

Really muscular, well-shaped body with excellent bone and feet. Good skull, however, would like more strength in his muzzle to balance the head. Good depth right through the body with strong hindquarters. Moved well.

2nd: Bullmaster Kennels' - Bullmaster Black Knight

Pleasing head and expression. Reasonable width of chest although front assembly could be better placed. Compact body and deep flank. Preferred the hindquarter and movement on No 1.

3rd: Spice's - Bullvalour Braveheart

Another strong dog with excellent bone and feet. Pleasing head and expression. Strong neck and good width of front. He required less length of leg to balance the picture.


Open Dog

1st: Spice & Klok's - Aust. CH Bullvalour Jack The Ripa

A majestic dog of correct size, so well balanced. Lovely flowing lines from the head through the shoulders, body and hindquarter. Great width and depth of chest with balanced front and rear assemblies. Muscular loin with deep flank. Head perhaps a little plain, nevertheless, well shaped exhibiting strength through the foreface. So sound coming and going and powerful, harmonious side gait. It gave me great pleasure to award him the Dog CC and Reserve In Show and Best Open In Show.

2nd: Morrissey's - Aust. CH Bulltiful Call To Order

Powerful dog, litter brother to the Intermediate dog winner and of similar make and shape. Pleasing head and expression, good neck. Forequarters could be better angled, deep chest and strong loin. Good topline. I would prefer broader second thigh and better let down hocks. Balanced mover, sound coming and going

3rd: Brownlee's - Bulwaren Might And Power

Masculine head with pleasing expression. A lovely bodied dog, deep, with plenty of width through the chest. Strong loin, deep flank and well angled front and rear. Gave nothing on the move today.


Challenge Dog: Spice & Klok's Aust. CH Bullvalour Jack The Ripa

Reserve Challenge: Raftis'Bullvalour Southerncross


Baby Puppy Bitch

1st: Klok's - Bruin Lady Penrose

Lovely baby showing great promise. Well-developed head for age, strong neck. Good width and depth through the chest, short loin and well angled rear. Moved very soundly.

2nd: Klok's - Bruin Lady Ruby's Daughter

Head not as developed as first bitch with a slightly long muzzle. Good forechest and depth of body. Topline not yet settled which was more obvious on the move.

3rd: Spice's - Bullvalour Celtic Queen

Head of pleasing proportions with good width of skull and strong muzzle. Forequarters well angled but lacked the quality of bone down to the feet. Weak pasterns. Good deep body.


Minor Puppy Bitch

1st: Morrissey's - Kugel My Bulltiful Cargo (Imp. NZ)

Going through the long stringy stage on the day exhibiting lack of hindquarter and reverse topline. Good width of skull although muzzle could have more breadth. Good neck and strong bone. Obviously was not used to the ring, which accounted for her unwillingness to perform on the day. Best Minor Puppy In Show.


 Puppy Bitch

1st: Spice's - Bullvalour Avoca Rose

Litter sister to the puppy dog. Very shapely, very good head and expression, would prefer slightly darker eye. Excellent column of bone right to the feet, strong body, deep and well ribbed back. Well rounded quarters exhibiting strength. She got it all together on the day and pushed hard in the challenge line-up. Although it was a difficult decision, I was delighted to award her Best Puppy In Show.

2nd: Morrissey's - Oldworld By Negotiation

Tall puppy, compact well boned with good hindquarters. Front assembly lacks angulation and the neck does not flow well through the shoulders. Good skull and stop but muzzle requires more width and depth.

3rd: Bird's - Bullpower Dragonflame

Smaller brindle bitch which, on the day lacked shape. Head is quite good, just needs to develop. Chest deep and quite well ribbed back. Topline is reverse at this stage and hindquarters need to drop.


Junior Bitch

1st: Bullmaster Kennels' - Aust. CH Nightpower Special Rquest

Strong bitch in excellent condition. Lovely head and expression, good strength of muzzle. Well developed forequarters, strong body and well angled rear. Moved well.Best Junior In Show.

2nd: Litton's - Nightpower Xtra Special

Litter sister to the above and very similar. Preferred the front assembly and the strength of loin on the first bitch.


 Intermediate Bitch

1st: Uppil's - Basileia American Beauty

Strong, yet feminine bitch. Good square head with pleasing width of muzzle, dark eye. Well arched neck with very good forequarters. Good depth of body carried through to the hindquarters. Moved well.

2nd: Uppil's - Basileia American Woman

Leggier style of bitch, but balanced front and rear with a pleasing head.

3rd: Edward's - Nightquest Lets Elope

Good bodied bitch, with well placed forequarters. Rear lacked the corresponding angulation and although the skull was square, the muzzle lacked the desired width.


Australian Bred Bitch

1st: Morrissey's - Aust. CH Bulltiful Curtain Call

Commanded attention as soon as she entered the ring. A quality bitch with a lovely headpiece exhibiting strength combined with femininity. Good ear placement. Wonderful proportions with balanced angulation front and rear with excellent legs and feet. Great depth of body, well ribbed back and deep through the flank. Moved with purpose and sound coming and going. Bitch CC and Best Exhibit In Show and Best Australian Bred In Show.

2nd: Spice's - Bullvalour Wicked Woman

Heavy bitch, a little low on leg. Lovely head with dark eye. Good depth of body with short, wide loin. Hindquarters could be better angled.

3rd: Lofthouse's - Bullvalour Mi Belle Ame

Strong upstanding bitch with good body proportions. Preferred the headpiece on No 2.


Open Bitch

1st: Litton's - Aust. CH Grasslock Memory Lane (AI)

Quality bitch with lovely headpiece. Strong neck with well shaped forequarters. Excellent column of bone. Good body and topline. Very good hindquarters exhibiting strength. Covered the ground well. Would like her broader and deeper through the front. Reserve CC.

2nd: Bullmaster Kennels' - Aust. CH Bullmaster Takenby Storm

Similar head to No. 1 and better width through the front. Strong rear, however, on the move, she dropped her topline displaying lack of strength.

3rd: Edwards' - Aust. CH Gameguard Brianna

Completed a trio of very nice bitches. Pleasing head and expression, well constructed front, deep through but lacked length of rib and depth of second thigh. Her topline dropped on the move.


Challenge Bitch: Morrissey's Aust. CH Bulltiful Curtain Call

Reserve Challenge: Litton's Aust. CH Grasslock Memory Lane (AI)


Best Exhibit In Show: Morrissey's Aust. CH Bulltiful Curtain Call

Runner Up To Best Exhibit In Show: Spice & Klok'sAust. CH Bullvalour Jack The Ripa


Baby Puppy In Show: Smith's - Anmeta Zulu Prince

Minor Puppy In Show: Morrissey's - Kugel My Bulltiful Cargo (Imp. NZ)

Puppy In Show: Spice's - Bullvalour Avoca Rose

Junior In Show: Bullmaster Kennels' - Aust. CH Nightpower Special Rquest

Intermediate In Show: Morrissey's - Aust. CHBulltiful Why didn't You Call

Aust. Bred In Show: Morrissey's - Aust. CH Bulltiful Curtain Call

Open In Show: Spice & Klok's - Aust. CH Bullvalour Jack The Ripa



2002 Property Classes - Judge - Ms N Cuffe (Vic)


Puppy Sweepstakes

1st: Raftis' - Bullvalour Southerncross

2nd: Spice's - Bullvalour Avoca Rose

3rd: Morrissey's - Oldworld By Negotiation


Best Head

Edwards' - Aust. CH Gameguard Brianna


Best Movement

Edwards' - Dayquest Maximus


Best Brindle

Brownlee's - Bulwaren Might And Power


Best Fawn

Uppill's - Basileia American Woman


Best Red

Bullmaster Kennels' - Aust. CH Bullmaster Storn Trooper


Best Owner Bred & Handled

Bullmaster Kennels' - Aust. CH Bullmaster Storn Trooper


Best Interstate Owned Exhibit

Klok & Spice's - Aust. CH Bullvalour Jack The Ripa


Best Dam & Progeny

Litton's - Aust. CH Grasslock Memory Lane (AI)


Best Sire & Progeny

Morrissey's - Aust. CH Blackslate's Boston Blend (Imp. USA)


2002 Breeders Cup

Bullvalour Kennels (NSW)




(c) BMCVIC 2014

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