2006 June

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Judge -  Mr Bill Walkey (NSW)


Overall, I was pleased with the quality of the entry. A couple of things stood out that bothered me, though. There was a preponderance of East-West fronts, many with splayed feet. Another item was too many light eyes and high rears. In many cases, the exhibit was good… until you looked along the top line and saw the high rump, and not just on young dogs.


Baby Puppy Dog – no entries


Minor Puppy Dog

1st: W Bridgewater’s - Powerbulmas Hoova - No. 03

Good substance. Nice prosternum. Head and muzzle good. Excellent top line

2nd: E Fowler’s - Anmenta Black Knight - No. 02

Good cranium and muzzle. Short upper arm. Good rear quarters.

3rd: D Sowter & B Richardson's - Kimbullad Condor (AI) - No. 01

front. Distinct stop. Weak muzzle. Straight stifled. Good cranium.


Puppy Dog

1st: K Lewison & S Johnson's - Copperfield Honeythunder (Imp. UK) - No. 04

Good head, muzzle a little narrow. Good eyes. Straight front. Good top line. Good development in rear and second thigh. Moves well.


Junior Dog

1st: S Johnson’s - Sweetbryar Mdnite Speshl - No. 06

Excellent head and muzzle. Eyes light. Good shoulder, top line and movement. Nice mover. Long in loin. Well motivated.

2nd: N Pournaris’ - Avantguard Sgt Pepper - No. 05

Square. Good rear angulation. Short upper arm. Cranium good, but muzzle pinched – too much wrinkle. Pinched eyes. Good pigments.


Intermediate Dog

1st: Bullmaster Knls - Aust. CH Bullmaster State Trooper - No. 09

Excellent head. Good shoulder. East West at front. Good spring of rib, and good rear angulation. Good pigment and good mover.

2nd: M Iannotta’s - Aust. CH Nightquest Veandercross - No. 07

Hocks out. Short upper arm. Excellent head assembly. Long in rib. Good substance. Moves well, excellent pigmentation.

3rd: C Mutton’s - Bulavista California Blu - No. 10

Good cranium. Short muzzle. Too much wrinkle. Needs spring of rib. Long in loin, lacks pigmentation.


Australian Bred Dog

1st: K Rogers’ - Aust. CH Kimbullad Isengard - No. 13

Excellent head and muzzle. Level bite. Good substance, moves well. Square. Well assembled.

2nd: N Pournaris’ - Aust. CH Nightquest Poseidon - No. 12

Excellent head and muzzle. Straight in stifle. Good chest, but straight in front. Square dog, but East West in front.

3rd: L Walsh’s - Bulavista Rodeo Drv (AI) - No. 15

Good Head and muzzle, but little narrow. Too much wrinkle. Good rear assembly, but hocks out when moving away. Good second thigh development.


Open Dog

1st: M Raftis - Aust. CH Bullvalour Southern Cross - No. 20

Excellent head, good eyes. Nice shoulder and prosternum. Level top line and good rear. Excellent mover. Level top line.

2nd: K Rogers’ - Aust. CH Kimbullad The Lodge - No. 21

Excellent head. Muzzle a little pointed and short. Good forequarters. Nice spring of rib. High rear. Pigment in nails good.

3rd: V & S Ellis’ - Aust. CH Nightpower Special FX - No. 22

Excellent head. Lacks underjaw. Flews a little excessive. Good spring of rib. Rear angulation good. Moves well.


Challenge Dog: M Raftis' -  Aust. CH Bullvalour Southern Cross

Reserve Challenge: K Rogers' - Aust. CH Kimbullad The Lodge


 Baby Puppy Bitch

1st: A Sharp’s - Ozzybullmez Kiranita (AI) - No. 23

Out at elbows, Poor feet, Long in body. Narrow muzzle


Minor Puppy Bitch

1st: M Edwards’ - Nightquest Makybe Diva - No. 24

Couldn’t examine properly. Stop too defined. Long in body. Needs better rear.

2nd: K Rogers’ - Kimbullad Falcon Crest - No. 25

Moves well. Long in body and high in rear. Narrow muzzle. Good rear angulation. Level bite.

3rd: K Rogers’ - Kimbullad Allthat Jazz - No. 26

Good head. High in rear. Good rear angulation. Straight front. Needs substance.


Puppy Bitch

1st: M Edwards - Nightquest Sun Line - No. 28

Nicely put together. Long in flank. High in rear. Moves well.


Junior Bitch

1st: S Johnson’s - Sweetbryar Xmas Bryde - No. 32

Square. Good feet and spring of rib, and rear angulation.

2nd: R & A Tito’s - Brenton Moulin Rouge (Imp. NZ) - No. 29

Nice bitch. Too much flew. Level top line. Good rear development.

3rd: N Pournaris’ - Avantguard Layla - No. 30

Good development. Nice head, but undershot quite a lot. Pinched nose, long in flank. Needs more development.


Intermediate Bitch

1st: V & S Ellis’ - Aust. CH Bulavista Pretty Woman (AI) - No. 41

Good head and muzzle. Reasonably square. Second thigh good and good development. Little long in flank.

2nd: T Nicholls’ - Bullmaster Dream Magic - No. 36

Low ear set and long ears. Moves close behind. Good head, nice rear development. Long in loin. Nice movement. East West at front.

3rd: M Edwards - Nightquest Monte Carlo - No. 40

Good head but too much wrinkle. Flews too much. Good spring of rib. Rear angulation OK but needs development. Long in flank.


Australian Bred Bitch

1st: Bullmaster Knls - Aust. CH Nightpower Special Rquest - No. 49

A very nice dog all over.

2nd: K Rogers’ - Aust. CH Kimbullad Sub Zero - No. 48

Nice head and muzzle. Straight in front. Short upper arm. Long in loin. Good angulation in rear. Moves well.

3rd: V & S Ellis’ - Bulavista Ginger Ice (AI) - No. 50

Excellent head and muzzle. Too much wrinkle. Square. Good rear assembly. Needs development in second thigh.


Open Bitch

1st: B & S Wehmeier’s - Aust. CH Grizzmuffley Scandalous - No. 52

Little long in loin. Very good otherwise.

2nd: S Johnson’s Aust. CH Blakrouge Blushin Bryde - No. 54

Muzzle narrow. Hocks out slightly. Moves well. Long in loin and heavy.

3rd: Bullmaster Knls - Nightpower Xtra Special - No. 55

East West. Rhomboid shaped head. Good spring of rib. Well put together. Good second thigh.


Challenge Bitch: Bullmaster Kennels' Aust. CH Nightpower Special Rquest

Reserve Challenge: B & S Wehmeier's Aust. CH Grizzmuffley Scandalous



Best Exhibit In Show: M Raftis' Aust. CH Bullvalour Southern Cross

Runner Up To Best Exhibit In Show: Bullmaster Kennels' Aust. CH Nightpower Special Rquest



Baby Puppy In Show: A Sharp's - Ozzybullmez Kiranita (AI)

Minor Puppy In Show: W Bridgewater's - Powerbulmas Hoova

Puppy In Show: K Lewison & S Johnson's - Copperfield Honeythunder (Imp. UK)

Junior In Show: S Johnson's - Sweetbryar Xmas Bryde

Intermediate In Show: Bullmaster Kennels' - Aust. CH Bullmaster State Trooper

Aust. Bred In Show: Bullmaster Kennels' - Aust. CH Nightpower Special Rquest

Open In Show: M Raftis' - Aust. CHBullvalour Southern Cross




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