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2008 October Championship Show Results and Critiques

Breed Class Judge:  Mrs Joy Stevenson (Vic)

Special Classes: Mr John Volk (Vic)






Minor Puppy Dog


1st - Nightquest Rorys Jester - M Edwards

(Ch Nightquest Tobin Bronze x Ch Nightquest Scarlet)

Very good type, good conformation, excellent head


2nd - Nightquest Sir Dapper - H Hillam

(Ch Nightquest Tobin Bronze x Ch Nightquest Scarlet)

Still a nice type, very gangly at the moment, he’ll improve with age.


Puppy Dog


1st - Bullmaster US Marshall (AI) - Bullmaster Knls  (PUPPY IN SHOW)

(AM Ch Hybull’s Pay on Demand x GR CH Nightpower Special Rquest)

Really good type, good even colour, nice head and excellent bone structure


2nd - Bullmaster Texas Ranger (AI) - Bullmaster Knls

(AM Ch Hybull’s Pay on Demand x GR CH Nightpower Special Rquest)

Still a really good type, he’s going to be a big dog, will grow into himself, very good bone structure. No 1 is better in movement at the moment. 


3rd - Ashlling Cash on Demand (AI) - T Nicholls

(AM Ch Hybull’s Pay on Demand x CH Bullmaster Dream Magic)

A nice type of dog, he needs to settle down a bit yet and grow into himself


Junior Dog


1st - Grizzmuffley Get Wild - B & S Wehmeier   (JUNIOR IN SHOW)

(CH Grizzmuffley Luv Machine x CH Grizzmuffley Baby Ima Star)

Really good type, excellent mover, good head.


2nd - Powerbulmas Zachari - W Bridgewater & N Abela

(CH Oldwell Blake (Imp UK) x CH Powerbulmas Lady Clara)

Still gangly, good head, good bone, not moving well today.


3rd - Grizzmuffley The Rapture - B & S Wehmeier

(CH Oldwell Blake (Imp UK) x CH Grizzmuffley Scandalous)

Doesn’t really want to be here today but will grow into himself.


4th - Rhubin True Blue - K Winters

(CH Treebrook Desert Oak x Ch Nightquest Arena)

Still has maturing to do


Intermediate Dog


1st - Ch Treebrook Trident Maple - B & K Marion  (INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW)

(CH Treebrook Water Ash x CH Treebrook Sugar Maple)

lovely type, good head, good mouth, good bone for his size, moved the best of any in the class.


2nd-  Ch Sweetbryar Honey Im Home - S Johnson

(Ch Copperfield Honeythunder( Imp UK) x Ch Blakrouge Blushin Bryde)

also good type, much bigger dog but still in proportion, good head, good bone reasonable movement


3rd- Ch Nightquest Testa Rossa - M Edwards

(Ch Bullvalour Southern Cross/Ch Nightquest Mannerism)

He’ s got some maturing to do yet but still a good type of dog.


Australian Bred Dog


1st- Ch Bulavista Kentucky Rein - V & S Ellis

(Harlet’s Heartbreak Ridge/Ch Bulltiful Curtain Call)

Really nice dog, very much type overall, head, ears, mouth & mask, good mover, an excellent example of the breed.


2nd - Ch Grizzmuffley Luv Machine - B & S Wehmeier

(Sochin Pride/Balgue Katie)

Also a good type, bit more stilted on his legs, lovely head, still quite a good mover.


3rd - Ch Nightquest Tobin Bronze - M Edwards

(Ch Bulltiful Y Didn’t U Call / Ch Nightquest Let’s Elope)

Finer type of dog but still a very good type.


Open Dog


1st - Ch Nightquest Olympus - D Franks

(Ch Bullvalour Southern Cross/Ch Gameguard Brianna)

good type, well balanced, mouth quite good, got all the bullmastiff characteristics, moved well. A worthy winner.


2nd - Ch Copperfield HoneyThunder (Imp UK)- Lewison & Johnson

(Eng Ch Wonderbulls Amaretto of Copperfield / Tia Maria at Capelli)

still a good type of dog, not quite as well balanced but has all the characteristics you want.


3rd - Ch Treebrook Desert Oak - Sickerdick & Marion

(Ch Bullvalour Jacks Pryde / Treebrook Lacebark)

also a good type, just not showing so well today, not real happy to be here.



CHALLENGE DOG- Ch Bulavista Kentucky Rein

Very nice, well balanced dog, moved well, good head, typical looks, really good type for the breed, not too heavy for his size, overall a very

well balanced, good moving dog.


RESERVE CHALLENGE DOG - Ch Nightquest Olympus

Also a nice type of dog, not quite as free flowing in his movement, but still a really good type, good  head, ears, topline, very nicedog. Hard to

choose between the two.



Baby Puppy Bitch


1st - Banobrae Soul Sister -  J Karena  (BABY PUPPY IN SHOW)

(Am Ch Hy-Bull’s Pay On Demand / Banobrae Half Your Luck)

The winner is more balanced on the day, lovely head, good bone and moved well for her age


2nd - Banobrae Soul Serenade - J Karena

(Am Ch Hy-Bull’s Pay On Demand / Banobrae Half Your Luck)

No 2 still a very nice bitch as well, just a little more immature on the day


Minor Puppy Bitch


1st - Nightquest Century Miss - M Edwards  (MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW)

(Ch Nightquest Tobin Bronze/Ch Nightquest Scarlet)

Very well balanced young bitch, good colour, good bone, good mover, nice head.


2nd - Valgerd Power N Glory - K Sands

(Ch Copperfield Honey Thunder( Imp UK)/Bullromi Bound For Glory)

Also a good type of bitch, a little bit older and a little more gangly, didn’t move as well on the day but still a nice type.


3rd - Blakrouge Illusion - Silvester & Eres

(Ch Copperfield Honey Thunder (Imp UK) / Valgerd Midas Touch)

Still a nice type but didn’t want to be here.


Puppy Bitch


1st - Nightquest Belle Du Jour - M Edwards

(Ch Nightquest Tobin Bronze/Ch Nightquest Scarlet)

really nice type of young bitch, good quality, bone, topline, excellent head, moved well todayfor a young animal, quite deserving of it.


2nd - Bullmaster Fifth Avenue - Bullmaster Knls

(Am Ch Hy-Bull’s Pay On Demand / Gr Ch Nightpower Special Rquest)

also good type, nice coloured fawn, good head and body, just the movement let her down today.


3rd - Ashlling Dream Weaver - Nicholls

(Am Ch Hy-Bull’s Pay On Demand / Ch Bullmaster Dream Magic)

Also quite a good type of young bitch.


Junior Bitch


1st - Rhubin Australiana - Winters

(Ch Treebrook Desert Oak / ChNightquest Arena)

nice type, good even colour, excellent head, excellent topline, good bone but still feminine.


2nd -  Bullarmour Casino Royale - Scantlebury & Madigan’s

(Gr Ch Anmenta Blonde Ambition / Ch Bullarmour Kat Balou)

still a nice type of bitch, movement really let her down today and temperament a little.


Intermediate Bitch


1st - Ch Bullsrkool Blazin Kaos - Tito

(Ch Nightquest Poseidon / Ch Brenton Moulin Rouge ( Imp NZ))

Really nice type the winner, nice head, very good ear set, good mouth, good mask, excellent topline, nice bone

structure, still looks every inch a bitch. Moved very well.


2nd -  Ch Bulavista Deltablue Mill - Mutton & Wright

(Am Can Ch Hanover’s Simon of Mill Creek / Ch Bulavista Pretty Woman)

Still a nice type of bitch, she’s got the length of body for a bitch, excellent head, not moving so well today.


3rd -  Sweetbryar Honey Moon - Bertolotti & Gargano

(Ch Copperfield Honeythunder (Imp UK)/Ch Blakrouge Blushin Bryde)

Nice type of fawn, she’ s got to mature a little yet, still a nice type, good head, good mask & ears & moved quite well.


Australian Bred Bitch


1st - Ch Nightquest Scarlet - M Edwards (AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW)

(Ch Boadicea Iron Duke/Ch Nightquest Ethereal)

Winner very nice type of bitch, nice head, good bone, good topline, moved very well but looks very feminine.


2nd - Ch Bulavista Millsweet Sari - V & S Ellis

(Am Can Ch Hanover’s Simon of Mill Creek/Ch Bulavista Pretty Woman)

Very nice type of bitch also, good topline, a lot to like about her, not moving so well today.


3rd - Ch Bruin Grizzy Bear  - S & B Wehmeier

(Gr Ch Grizzmuffley Delirous / Bruin Mystic Meg)

Also very good type, a little bit longer in the back, but I’ll forgive her that because of being a bitch, she’s a good type and a nice colour.


Open Bitch


1st - Ch Bulavista Pretty Woman - V & S Ellis (OPEN IN SHOW)

(Harlet’s Heartbreak Ridge / Ch Bulltiful Curtain Call)

A really nice type of bitch, light on her feet, good mover, excellent head, just a well balanced bitch overall.


2nd - Ch Brenton Moulin Rouge (Imp NZ) - Tito

(NZ Ch Bankg Bullanzac / NZ Ch Bullestate Kruse Control)

also very nice type of bitch and it was very close between them, on the day the winner was just moving better than the 2nd


3rd - Ch Bullmaster Dream Magic - Nicholls

(Ch Bullmaster Storm Trooper/Ch Nightpower Xtra Special)

really doesn’t want to be here but still a nice type of bitch.



CHALLENGE BITCH - Ch Nightquest Scarlet

Really nice type of bitch from the Australian bred class, lovely topline, she’s obviously had puppies but she’s come back in good condition,

nice bone structure, lovely head, good expression, still a very feminine bitch.


RESERVE CHALLENGE - Ch Bulavista Millsweet Sari

Still a very nice bitch, just not behaving quite as well on the day, but overall very good type, good bone, good

head, lots of things you would want for a bitch.



(c) BMCVIC 2014

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